Find Your People.
Find Your Place.
Find Your Purpose.


Our Why

"We run to you and with you because we are for you."


We run to you…

because we love our city, communities, and the families they represent, that includes you. 


We run with you…

because we care about your story and we were created for community with one another.


Because you matter…

You matter to God and you matter to us.


We exist to invite people into family, here and in heaven. We do this by reaching every corner of Helena, one life at a time.  We want our neighbors to know that they matter to God and they matter to us.


Our Mission

We are on a mission to love people where they are. Our heart is to help lead them into a full life that Jesus promises, and launch them into their God-Given purpose.


Our Vision


Each of us know someone who is far from God, Jesus asks us to love them where they are.
(Matthew 22:39)


Jesus also commissioned us to “make disciples,” so we lead people to trust Jesus with more.

(Matthew 28:19)


Finally, we believe that Jesus has a calling for each one of His children to live on mission wherever they go, launching them into their God-given Purpose.

(Psalm 139:13-16)

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Our Values

Our values at Buffalo Church hold us accountable to the mission of the church.

Each of these values define the culture that makes up our Buffalo family.

We Pray First

Prayer is the way we stay on God’s Agenda and how He reveals His will for our church and our lives. So, we pray first.

Jesus Centered.png
Jesus at the Center

We are passionate about the Presence of God and developing dependency on Him, so that we may live a life that looks more like Jesus. Because we love Him, we trust His Word and believe what He said.

Speak Life

It is our desire to help our neighbors, friends and coworkers to feel the love of Jesus before they ever step foot inside our church. We call out the good in others, encourage them prayerfully and extend a helping hand.

Have Fun.png
Have Fun

We take God seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We believe that laugher brings hope and healing. Following Jesus is anything but boring, so our church shouldn’t be either.

Teach a Man to Fish

We believe God uses us to raise up the next generation of leaders. We are called to lead, not sit on the sidelines. It is our responsibility to steward the next generation of leaders both in the church and in the community.

The Mission Trumps

Whatever is mission critical for Kingdom advancement takes precedent over our emotions, desires and preferences for the sake of the vision. 

Our Team

Todd and Micah share the same vision and heart for the city of Helena: inviting all to the table and being a church that is about loving others and leading them to Jesus. They love challenging people to step out of the box of their own comfort, and step into their calling.

Todd Nicholson
Micah Nicholson

Ministry Lead

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TODD + MICAH met in college, in the University Chorale, and they have been singing together ever since. They were married in 2004 - Micah a Music Teacher and Todd with his sights on serving in ministry. Todd and Micah love to travel, to hike, road bike, and enjoy God’s creation. They have found many things they have enjoyed together through their marriage, but their three favorite things are their kids. God has blessed them with a beautiful family, and they are excited to raise their kids in Helena.


Part of their story is unseen; Micah and Todd lost 2 babies in the season of having their children. One, a miscarriage in 2009, and another, Jacob, born on 4/6/13. This heartbreaking loss in their family has shaped the way Todd and Micah lead ministry. They care deeply, they know and believe in the power of Hope – they strive to overflow with a Hope that only comes through the amazing power of the Holy Spirit. They long to serve others and help them find their Hope in Jesus as they have.


After completing his Religion Degree in Intercultural Studies from Indiana Wesleyan, Todd and Micah have served at 3 different churches before planting Buffalo Church. While serving at Emmanuel Church in Maryland, Todd was Ordained in the Wesleyan Denomination and served as a Student Pastor for 11 years at Emmanuel Church and Skyline Church, and then a Spiritual Formation Pastor and Campus Pastor for 6 years at 12Stone Church.


In 2021, Todd and Micah believe God was calling them to go “all-in” for Helena, Montana to plant a brand-new church called, Buffalo Church.